Corporate and Business Programs

Corporate or business-sponsored innovation,  invention and  technology commercialization programs that effectively connect to universities substantially improve their success.   Collaborative initiatives with universities are critical to access leading edge researchers, innovation and commercialization partners.

EFN and iCatalysts supports collaborative projects between corporate and business innovation programs and universities. For example, we facilitate collaboration between university researchers and corporations whose interests align with their work. This may involve joint research and development or corporations testing and piloting pre-commercial solutions. iCatalysts ventures are from dozens of university labs including  ten of the World’s top 15 research institutions.


In writing about our mentor-based program at Rice University, Fortune Magazine credited our program with often “making difference between student project and a real life business.”

“Teams in the Rice Business Plan Competition from the World’s top universities place a very high value on the business mentoring EFN provides. We look forward to continuing to offer high quality mentorship to RBPC teams in partnership with EFN.”

Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice University Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

Events and Competitions

iCatalysts designs and manages workshops, hack-a-thons, and pitch offs that engage researchers and students to help solve invention and innovation challenges that corporations face. These events provide several benefits to corporations, universities and students alike including finding a job, recruiting, and collaborative problem-solving.

iCatalysts promotes and manages invention and business plan competitions for companies that seek to recognize student achievement. We leverage a world class online competition platform to accept and screen applications and manage early round judging.

iCatalysts also manages mini-competitions for corporate prizes offered to university business plan competitions that EFN supports.

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